Co-Founder Roger Quiles was featured on Medium in 2015. Read an excerpt from his interview below.

The public discussion about salary transparency among esports players has persisted for almost a week now. Slingshot Esports publisher and CEO Joe Ragazzo laid out his take on the topic yesterday while referencing many other opinions throughout the community (and they’re stillcoming).

I had the chance to interview Roger Quiles, esports attorney and founder of player management agency, 1337 Sports Management, about player salaries, comparisons between esports and traditional sports and where the industry should go from here. The transcript is below:

Vince Nairn: So how long have you been in esports, and how did you get the idea to form this agency?

Roger Quiles: I’ve had my own practice for a year and a half now, and I started my practice working for business law and sports law. On the sports side, representing amateur athletes, college-level athletes. Keeping them out of trouble with the NCAA given the very convoluted rules that exist there and also assisting them with their own businesses.

The full interview can be found here.