Headquartered in New York, FTW Talent is an esports player and talent representation agency with a personal touch.

We work closely with our clients to understand their individual needs, strengths, and weaknesses to determine how best to assist them in cultivating and growing their careers the smart way. The clients that seek out FTW Talent come looking for execution that only our full service agency can provide: agents and managers that actively seek out and lock in lucrative endorsements; top-notch contract negotiation; and essential guidance during each stage of their careers.

You worry about being the best player or streamer you can be. We worry about the business of you.

Founded by Roger Quiles and Drew Holt-Kentwell, FTW Talent leverages the experience, skills, and connections of its founders to provide elite services to its clientele.

Drew Holt-Kentwell

Drew has been in esports for 11+ years. Previously a competitive player, team GM, then head of global esports at Razer, he founded Catalyst Esports Solutions October 2015, an esports brand marketing agency which is headquartered in Singapore.

Roger R. Quiles

Roger is an attorney who has been involved in esports for 3 years. Before starting FTW, Roger built a law practice that focused on esports, securing countless deals on behalf of players, teams, and businesses that operate in the space. Roger has also represented amateur and professional athletes.

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Welcome to FTW Talent

Q&A with attorney Roger Quiles

The public discussion about salary transparency among esports players has persisted for almost a week now. Slingshot Esports publisher and CEO Joe Ragazzo laid out his take on the topic yesterday while referencing many other opinions throughout the community…

The Value of Players

I've been toying with an industry value chart lately which outlines the flow of value from one entity within the industry to another - namely between players, teams, companies, events, and the consumers. Colleague and friend Chris Mitchell and I previously…


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